FZ-X Ride Free Overnight Tour

The ride free concept is all about enjoying the ride on an open road with a comfortable neo-retro bike, like the Yamaha FZ-X.
It simply means ride to feel the pleasure of freedom.

On this ride, we would make you to get an experience of ride free with your fellow Yamaha Riders.

Hyderabad to Ananthagiri hills

Key Highlights

Blue Streaks Ride
Covering Approx 98 Kms along with Blue Streaks Riders
One night stay at Lonavala
Check-in- 11th May 2024
Check-out- 12th May 2024
Overnight Tour Indore to Mandu
Check-in- 15th June 2024
Check-out- 16th June 2024

Covering Approximate 98 Kms along with Blue Streaks Riders

Yamaha Kit

Get Yamaha Kit on every registration

Important Information


Registration open only for FZ-X, FZ-SFI V4 DLX, FZ-SFI V4, FZ-SFI V3, FZ-FI owners.


Limited slots available for Ride Free Overnight Tour
*Pillion Rider has to pay the registration fee also.


Valid Driving License, Insurance, Registration Certificate & Pollution Certificate required.

  • Elegance Event is an authorized agency for managing Yamaha FZ-X Ride Free Overnight Tour and to collect payment.
  • Registered participants to carry the payment screenshot and original ID proof for entry.
  • For Queries related to Registration or Registration fees please call
    @+91 9579370812 or write @ pramod.eleganceevents@gmail.com.


    I am

Please adhere to proper Covid-19 guidelines at the event


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