What is Blue Streaks?

Blue Streaks is an initiative designed to bring together the biker in every Yamaha fan at all levels, united by a love of riding and the appreciation of unique Yamaha quality. This means that we not only build outstanding motorcycles, but also help create memorable experiences for riders.

By connecting Yamaha customers directly with each other and with the brand, Blue Streaks seeks to develop a stronger and deeper relationship with Yamaha customers. This platform will help to bring alive Yamaha values of ‘exciting’, ‘sporty’ and ‘stylish’, so that members clearly understand what makes Yamaha special.

‘Blue Streaks’ aims to make this ‘man-machine’ interaction a much more engaging and exciting experience in the coming future.

How to Become Member?


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A community of passionate Yamaha owners looking to create unforgettable moments on the road.

Any Yamaha two-wheeler owner in India can join the Blue Streaks community. To register, log on to the Blue Streaks website.

Find your nearest dealership by using the Blue Streaks dealer locator on the website.

Get in touch with the Captain (who you will find in the dealer locator) to join the Whatsapp group. You will find all ride schedules here.

No, registration is absolutely free.

This is subjective to the ride destination and location. Your Captain will notify you before taking on ride registrations.

The Blue Streaks community is an exclusive riding group only for Yamaha owners.

Blue Streaks welcomes all passionate Yamaha owners.