Yamaha Aerox 155 Version S

India's First-In-Segment Scooter with Traction Control System and Smart key

The Maxi-Sports Scooter

The AEROX 155 has been designed with three focus points - Proud Body Size, Athletic Proportions and the X Centre Motif, under the design concept of a “Heart-Shaking Speedster”.
Powered by 155cc Blue Core, LC4V SOHC FI ENGINE WITH VVA.

Aerox Maxi-Sports Scooter

Answer Back Function

The Smart Key functionality of AEROX 155 Version S seamlessly integrates convenience, security, and advanced technology, offering a smoother and more enjoyable journey in today's bustling urban landscapes.
With flashing blinkers and a buzzer sound, it’s easy to identify your Aerox in crowded areas with Answer-back just with click of a button.

Keyless Ignition

The keyless ignition streamlines the startup procedure so you can effortlessly start your scooter just by walking near to it, eliminating the hassle of manual key insertion. The smart key incorporates an immobilizer function, ensuring your scooter does not start till you are near it.

Aerox 155 Version S Performance



The liquid-cooled, 4-stroke SOHC, 155 cc, 4-valve, fuel-injected engine with VVA in the Aerox 155 gives out a maximum horse power of 11.0kW(15.0PS)/8000r/min and a maximum torque of 13.9N.m (1.4kgf.m) /6500r/min. The bore x stroke delivers excellent power and torque characteristics. The cylinder head along with a compact combustion chamber achieves a higher compression ratio that boosts combustion efficiency. It also optimizes the coolant pathway to improve reliability.
Aerox Variable Valve Actuation

Traction Control System

The Aerox 155 comes with Traction Control System. This is a dedicated electronic system that has the remarkable ability of reducing the chances of a wheelspin (slippage due to loss of traction)
Aerox Variable Valve Actuation

Variable Valve Actuation (VVA)

The engine adopts a Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system that contributes to linear acceleration characteristics and a pleasant feeling when accelerating. It works via a mechanism that shifts between two intake cam lobes, one for the low rev range and one for the mid- to high rev range, with 6,000 rpm as the shifting point. This complements the torque curve for excellent torque throughout the rev range.
Smart Motor Generator System

Smart Motor Generator System

The Smart Motor Generator eliminates the sound of meshing gears, achieving a silent start every time. When starting the engine, the Starter Generator Assembly turns the crankshaft directly without having to drive it through gears, thus eliminating the sound of the meshing gears for quieter starts.
Automatic Stop & Start System

Automatic Stop & Start System

When the vehicle is idling, the Automatic Stop & Start System automatically stops the engine thereby saving fuel. The rider can easily re-start the engine by simply twisting the throttle. Also, the SGCU (Starter Generator Control Unit) monitors running conditions and inhibits unnecessary frequent engine starts and stops in conditions such as congested traffic.


Aerox Meter
Aerox answerBack
Fuel Consumption Tracker - This feature helps you track your daily and monthly fuel consumption. Check out the Top 10 Champions of Mileage
Aerox RidingHistory
Maintenance Recommendations - This app consolidates and analyses the vehicle data and sends you recommendations. For example, it keeps tabs on battery status and indicates either with a “Good” or “Check” notification.
Aerox eLock-icon
Last Parking Location - The last parking feature of the app gives you information about where you last parked your scooter*.

*If the machine has been moved since it was parked, it cannot be tracked via this function

Aerox parkingRecord
Malfunction Notification - Should the machine suffer a breakdown or malfunction, the app indicates so on the smartphone. It can also be verified on the phone as part of the scooter’s records.
Aerox locateMyBike
Revs Dashboard - The smartphone screen can also function as the Revs Dashboard, that displays data that is not available on the scooter’s instrument cluster, such as Engine RPM, Degree Of Throttle Opening, Rate Of Acceleration, Eco-friendly Riding Indicator and Real-time Fuel Consumption.
Aerox hazard
Ranking - This app connects with other Yamaha riders app and maintains a ranking of the riders in terms of distance travelled and how eco-friendly their riding has been.

Aerox 155 Version S 360° View

* This 360 degree view is for illustration purpose only. Please click here for detailed specifications.

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    Aerox 155 Version S Gallery


    Aerox ridefreeimage

    Aerox 155 Version S Design


    Class D Bi-LED headlight unit

    The headlight features a Bi-LED unit for a distinct look. Characterized by increased brightness (Class-D), the unit’s light weight and compactness has enabled the new highly aerodynamic fairing (cowling) design.

    Class B - LOW BEAM
    Improved Distribution of Light Class D-LOW BEAM
    Class B - HIGH BEAM
    Class D - HIGH BEAM
    Aerox LED Headlight with LED Position Lights

    LED Headlight with LED Position Lights

    The LED headlight provides excellent visibility over a wide range with very little unevenness and gives a more dynamic and sophisticated look. The LED position lights with light-guides, creates a highly three-dimensional look.
    Aerox LED Tail Light

    LED Tail Light

    The tail light/brake lights consist of 12 compact and densely situated LEDs that gives a three-dimensional appearance and accentuates the machine’s looks.

    Aerox 155 Version S Comfort

    Aerox Fascino 125 Front Disc Brake with UBS

    Two-Level Seat

    The two-level seat provides a steady and comfortable ride for both the rider and pillion rider. The Aerox 155’s side covers were designed to improve the comfort of the passenger and bring greater freedom of movement while also presenting a slimmer, more compact view.

    Aerox Front Pocket with Power Socket

    Front Pocket with Power Socket

    The power socket is located within easy reach of the rider for charging digital accessories. The front pocket gives easy access to a smartphone, wallet or camera.

    Smartphone and its accessories shown in this image is for representation purpose only.

    Aerox 155 Version S Functionality

    Aerox 24.5 L Under-Seat Storage

    24.5 L Under-Seat Storage

    The first of its kind in this category, the under-seat storage has a humongous 24.5 L capacity. The under-seat storage allows one XL size full-faced helmet to fit along with rain gear. The smart seat opening system makes it simple to put in or take out items.

    Aerox Multi-Function Key Switch

    Multi-Function Key Switch

    Do it all with the multi-function key switch. All your needs will be fulfilled with just the turn of the key.

    Aerox External Fuel Lid

    External Fuel Lid

    To make it easier and even more convenient to refill the tank, the fuel lid has been placed externally.

    Aerox 155 Version S Features

    Aerox ABS


    Enjoy great performance with superior control. Aerox 155 comes with a 230 mm disc brake with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

    Aerox Motorcycle Type Twin Shock Absorbers

    Motorcycle Type Twin Shock Absorbers

    This feature makes your rides extremely smooth and lets you cruise through anything!

    Aerox Large Alloy Wheel 14

    Large Alloy Wheel 14

    The large alloy wheels let you ride on any terrain be it the tracks or the streets with confidence and ease.

    Aerox Yamaha Motor India

    Super Wide 140 mm Tyre (Rear)

    140/70-14M/C 62P tubeless tyre has been adopted at the rear with flexible side walls for better grip.

    Aerox Yamaha Motor India

    Side stand engine cut-off switch

    With the in-built side stand engine cut-off switch, you do not forget to remove the side stand during those immediate rides.

    Aerox E-20 Logo

    E20 Fuel Compatible

    E20 Fuel reduces the emissions and is wonderful option for cutting down on pollution. As part of our carbon reduction commitments, We have updated the Aerox to be compatible with E20 Fuel.

    Aerox 155 Version S Accessories

    Aerox knuckle-guard-aerox

    Knuckle Guard- Aerox

    Aerox amazon-link
    Aerox Mobile Holder - Claw Grip

    Mobile Holder - Claw Grip

    Aerox amazon-link
    Aerox Body Cover

    Body Cover

    Aerox amazon-link
    Aerox LED Flasher

    LED Flasher

    Aerox amazon-link
    Aerox Seat Cover

    Seat Cover

    Aerox amazon-link

    Sport Screen Smoke

    Aerox amazon-link
    Aerox Visor Trim Carbon

    Visor Trim Carbon

    Aerox amazon-link

    Aerox 155 Version S Color & Price

    Aerox Fascino 125 Disc RED Colour
    Ex-Showroom Price in Delhi
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    *Variant & Color is subject to availability
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    Aerox 155 Version S Specifications

    Engine type Liquid cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve
    Displacement 155 cc
    Bore & stroke 58.0x58.7mm
    Compression ratio 11.6:1
    Maximum horse power 11.0kW(15.0PS)/8000r/min
    Maximum torque 13.9N.m(1.4kgf.m)/6500r/min
    Fuel system Fuel injection
    Starting system type Electric starter
    Transmission type V-belt automatic
    E20 Compatible Yes
    Overall Length x Width x Height 1,980 x 700 x 1,150 (Spec. in mm)
    Seat height 790mm
    Wheelbase 1350mm
    (with oil & a full fuel tank)
    Minimum ground clearance 145mm
    Fuel tank capacity 5.5L
    Battery 12V,6.0 Ah
    Headlight LED (Class D)
    Position light LED
    Brake light/Tail light LED
    Multi-Function meter unit Fully digital anti-glare multifunction negative LCD
    Speedometer Digital
    Tachometer Digital
    Fuel meter Digital
    Fuel consumption indicator Equipped
    Oil change tripmeter Equipped
    V-belt replacement tripmeter Equipped (In Electrical)
    Automatic Stop & Start System (SSS) Equipped
    Traction Control System Equipped
    Hazard Warning Equipped
    Smart Motor Generator(SMG) System Equipped
    Clock Digital, auto adjust with smartphone connectivity
    VVA Equipped
    Side stand engine cut-off switch Equipped
    Y-Connect (Smartphone Bluetooth Connectivity) Equipped
    Smart Key with Answer Back Equipped
    Suspension type(Front/Rear) Telescopic fork/Unit swing
    Inner tube diameter of front fork 26.0 mm
    Tyre size (Front) 110/80-14M/C 53P Tubeless
    Tyre size (Rear) 140/70-14M/C 62P Tubeless
    Brake type (Front) Disc Brake(230mm) with ABS
    Brake type(Rear) Drum(130mm)

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    Aerox knuckle-guard-aerox

    Knuckle Guard- Aerox

    MRP₹ 365

    Available at nearest Authorized Yamaha Dealer


    • Model Compatibility: Aerox


    • Efficiently protect hands while riding.
    • To enhance sporty image
    • Protect from windblast during winter and summer weather.
    Aerox Mobile Holder - Claw Grip

    Mobile Holder - Claw Grip

    MRP₹ 2 100

    Available at nearest Authorized Yamaha Dealer

    1. Ergonomic Design
    2. All Metal Construction for Durability
    3. Holds Up to 6.7 Inch Mobiles
    4. ¼ Inch Ball Joint Mount
    5. Universal Handlebar & Mirror Mount
    6. Claw grip with Bottom Support
    Aerox Body Cover

    Body Cover

    MRP₹ 525

    Available at nearest Authorized Yamaha Dealer

    1. To protect vehicle from dust & rain while not in use
    2. Protects from rust & UV Rays
    3. Cover is designed to give a perfect protection and fit
    Aerox LED Flasher

    LED Flasher

    MRP₹ 1 490

    Available at nearest Authorized Yamaha Dealer

    1. Improved Night & Day time visibility
    2. Lasts longer than a normal bulb flasher
    3. LED Flasher consume less power
    4. Enhances the looks of your vehicle
    5. No Modifications required – Just plug and play
    6. Kit Contains : 2pcs of LED Flasher, Please purchase 2 Kits (4 Pcs) to change both front and back side flashers for the vehicle
    Aerox Seat Cover

    Seat Cover

    MRP₹ 725

    Available at nearest Authorized Yamaha Dealer

    1. Protect original seat from direct damage
    2. Additional comfort with extra cushion.
    3. Maintenance free and easy mounting
    4. Designed for a perfect fit on your Aerox155

    Sport Screen Smoke

    MRP₹ 3 930

    Available at nearest Authorized Yamaha Dealer

    1. More protection against dust and insects to let you enjoy your long trips
    2. Great combination with Knuckle Guard
    Aerox Visor Trim Carbon

    Visor Trim Carbon

    MRP₹ 7 216

    Available at nearest Authorized Yamaha Dealer

    1. To enhance sporty image
    2. Easy to install, additional accent to stock visor
    3. Reliable and durable material
    4. Designed for a perfect fit on your Aerox155
    Aerox knuckle-guard-aerox
    Aerox Mobile Holder - Claw Grip
    Aerox Body Cover
    Aerox LED Flasher
    Aerox Seat Cover
    Aerox Visor Trim Carbon
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