Call of the Blue Events

You have heard the call of the blue. Now it's time for you to feel it, experience it and get up close and personal with it. We are bringing the call of the blue to your city to give you and your fellow riders a platform you can call your own. So, block your dates. Get set. Go.

Gymkhana Riding

Learn on how to dominate the tracks from the experts. You win prizes if you beat the fastest lap of the day.

Bikers Cafe

A cafe designed for the biker in you. Hop in, grab a drink and bond over blue with other fellow riders.

Style Zone

Come get funky hairstyles & stylish tattoos. Color your hair blue at the style zone if the blue fever hits you!

Yamaha Genuine Accessories

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Event Open To All
*Riding activities are only for Yamaha Riders

Call Of The Blue Video