Yamaha values your right of privacy and wants you to feel comfortable while visiting us.

India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. (“Yamaha” or “we”, “us”, and “our”) consider it important to know about our customers (“you”) to provide our safe and high-quality products and services to you. Through the process of learning more about you, a key issue for us is to respect and reliably secure your privacy. We endeavor to protect your privacy by conducting lawful, fair, and transparent processing, by ensuring accuracy, integrity, and recency of personal data, and by taking appropriate security measures under this Privacy Policy.

We comply with the laws and regulations pertaining to personal data protection, and place great importance on protecting your privacy.

This Privacy Policy applies to processing of your personal data that is conducted by us. Reading this Privacy Policy will deepen your understanding with respect to the protection of your privacy within Yamaha.

1. Personal data to be collected and processed

Categories of identifiable personal data collected and processed by Yamaha are as follows:

Personal data obtained by us includes information directly provided by you to us, information provided through a third party, such as counterparties, contractors, business partners, and social media providers (including Instagram and Google), and information provided through our products and services. Such information might be used in a combined form within the scope of “2. Purpose of use of personal data.”

We will not obtain or process sensitive personal data that reveals your data concerning health, genetic data, data concerning sexual orientation, etc., unless provided for in laws and regulations or you consent to us doing so.

2. Purpose of use of personal data

Your personal data obtained by us will be used for the following purposes:

If, after obtaining your personal data, we change the purpose of use for which it is processed, we will process that personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

3. When personal data collected

Whenever you interact with us, you may or may be asked to provide us your personal data. For example:

  1. when creating Yamaha ID accounts, signing up or subscribing for service updates;
  2. when you purchase our products or services;
  3. when you contact our customer service centres;
  4. when you register and visit our events, or participate in our surveys, competitions or prize draws;
  5. when you use our online services, such as our website and applications; and
  6. when you submit your personal data to us for any other reasons.

4. Provision of personal data with third parties

We do not disclose or provide your personal data to a third party, unless:

We may share your personal data with Yamaha Group Companies to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use that you were notified of in advance.

We provide your personal data to the following third parties. If it is necessary to provide your personal data to a third party other than those provided below, we will individually inform you to that effect.

  1. Contractors
  2. In providing products and services to you, we may engage contractors (data processors) to perform all or part of our duties and may provide personal data to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use. If we engage any such third parties to process your personal data, we will take necessary and appropriate measures in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  3. Business Partners
  4. In providing products and services to you, we may, to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use, provide your personal data to our business partners, including, but not limited to, marketing service providers, IT and software service providers, suppliers and dealers.

  5. Legal or regulatory authorities, and professional advisors
  6. We may also share or disclose your personal data with government authorities, regulatory agencies, law enforcement officials, and our professional advisors, if required for the purposes, if mandated by law, or if required for the legal protection of our legitimate interests in complying with applicable laws.

Where your personal data is shared with Yamaha Group Companies or the above mentioned third parties, we will ensure completeness, accuracy and consistency of your personal data.

5. Transfer of personal data outside India

We are engaged in business activities on a global scale, and in some cases, we will transfer your personal data only to such country or territory outside India as may be so notified by the authority. Upon transferring your personal data outside India, we will take appropriate measures in accordance with provisions set forth in applicable laws and regulations.

6. Retention period for personal data

We retain your personal data for the period necessary to achieve the purpose of use or to perform our obligations under applicable laws and regulations. Unless retention is necessary for compliance with any law for the time being in force, we will erase your personal data, upon your withdrawing your consent or as soon as it is reasonable to assume that the purpose of use is no longer being served.

7. Your Choices

In principle, the provision of your personal data to us is made based on your will, and you are not obligated to provide us with your personal data. If you wish to opt-out of our processing of your personal data, other than as expressly permitted in this Privacy Policy, you will have the option to do so when you first provide your personal data to us.

However, if you do not provide us with your information, you may experience disadvantages, such as inability to use various services provided by us or partial system malfunctions.

8. Logging in from social media accounts

Some services provided by us adopt functions that enable users to log in by using their social media (including Instagram and Google) accounts. When you use those functions, we may request your permission to use your social media account information, which includes name, phone number and email address, and you will be able to utilize our services using those functions if you grant that permission. You may at any time remove your account from the applicable services of us and withdraw your consent from your social media accounts.

Please note that if you use a social media account to log in to our services, it is possible that the social media provider will process information related to you, such as use of applications provided by us, and we are not liable for that processing of your information.

9. Processing of children’s personal data

We do not basically collect personal data of children under the age of 18. However, if we unknowingly collect a child’s personal data, we will obtain consent from statutory agents, such as a person with parental authority over that child, and take other necessary steps in accordance with applicable laws and regulation.

10. Cookies

Our websites and applications may generate cookies. Cookies enable us to enhance your experience in our websites and applications and allow us to improve our websites and applications.

Cookies may store small amounts of data on your computer or smartphone about your visit to our websites and applications, including your page preferences. Cookies tell us nothing about you personally, unless you specifically give us additional information. We do not merge or associate our cookies information with any other your personal data, unless otherwise so notified to you. Cookies simply assist us in tracking which of our features you like best and what content you may have viewed during past visits to our websites and applications. When you re-visit the websites and applications, cookies can enable us to customize our content according to your preferences. We may use cookies to: (i) keep count of your return visits to our websites and applications; (ii) accumulate anonymous, aggregate, statistical information on usage of our websites and applications; (iii) deliver content specific to your interests or past viewing history; and (iv) save your password so you don't have to re-enter it each time you visit our websites and applications.

By modifying your browser preferences, you can accept or reject all cookies, or request a notification when cookies are set. You can also disable cookies.

11. Technical and Organizational measures to protect your personal data

We have established a management system pertaining to personal data protection and take appropriate technical and organizational safety management measures in order to prevent unauthorized processing of personal data, to prevent accidental disclosure, acquisition, sharing, use, alteration, destruction, loss of access to personal data, and to ensure effective observance of the laws and regulations. Also, we appropriately take personal safety management measures, which includes providing educational and awareness trainings regarding personal data protection for our officers and employees who process personal data.

In the event of a personal data breach, we will give you and the authority an intimation of such breach and will appropriately deal with the situation through investigation of the facts and causes and implementation of preventive measures for secondary affect and reoccurrence.

12. Customer rights

You have the following rights regarding your information that you provide to us:

If you wish to exercise any of the above mentioned rights, please send us a request letter in writing to address below. We will faithfully and appropriately deal with your request in accordance with provisions set forth in applicable laws and regulations, after confirming that the person exercising those rights is you.

Moreover, if you have any questions or need grievance redressal about the processing of your personal data by us, please contact us to below address in writing.

Point of Contact:
India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd.

(Surajpur) A-3, Surajpur Industrial Area, Noida- Dadri Road, Greater Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh - 201306
(Chennai) Plot No.VV-1, SIPCOT Industrial Park, Vallam Vadagal, Sriperumbudur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 602105

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13. Administrator of this Privacy Policy

Yamaha Motor India Private Limited

RMC Department, RMC Division, Corporate Planning Group
(Office) AKDR Tower, 5th Floor, Door No. 3/381, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR), Metthkuppam, Chennai – 600097, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

14. Revision of this Privacy Policy

We may amend, revise, add to, or delete the contents of this Privacy Policy from time to time to align with changes required by amendments to laws and regulations, or business-related requirements. If there are any substantial or material amendments to this Privacy Policy, we will inform you on this page and, if necessary, inform you by a method that enables you to become aware of those changes.

Last Updated: March 2024

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