The All New Yamaha Alpha

Kuch Alpha Karo

Cygnus Alpha has been developed for customers who are in search of a scooter which will fulfill the needs of a family, with its concept of “easy to go and high utility city mover". The Cygnus Alpha is enabled with the Blue Core Technology and features excellent engine performance and good mileage. The attractive new graphics bring out a fashionable urban look.

*Under standard test conditions.

New age Stylish Family Scooter

Excellent Engine Performance

113 cc Engine

The air-cooled 113 cc Blue Core engine with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) provides smooth acceleration and pleasing pickup. The BS24 carburetor with Throttle Positioning Sensors(TPS) and YAMAHA’s Blue Core engine delivers outstanding running performance, excellent fuel efficiency and good emission quality.

Yamaha Alpha - Blue Core Engine

Unified Braking System

UBS has been developed for better stopping power of your 2 wheelers. UBS links both front & rear brakes with the rear brake pedal. When the rider applies the rear brake, the rear brake and a portion of the front brake are applied. For full braking performance, apply both the brake lever and the brake pedal simultaneously. UBS results in:

  1. 1. Reduced braking distance
  2. 2. Better handling during braking
  3. 3. Smoother chassis behavior during braking

Tubeless Tyres

The tyres are lightweight, easy to fix and can sail over potholes without any problem. This results in a smooth and trouble-free ride.

Yamaha Alpha - Tubeless Tyres

Advanced Disc Brake

Advanced disc brake control for those who like to live free every day. So whether you are sprinting or cruising, great stopping power is now at your fingertips even in panic braking.

Yamaha Alpha - Disc Break

Handle Mount Headlight

This headlight provides additional safety for night riding. With the handle mount design, the rider gets better visibility even on turns.

Yamaha Alpha - Headlight

Stylish Calligraphic Designs

Still thinking of getting inked? The new Cygnus Alpha will surely give you some ideas with its cool graphics. The attractive new calligraphy skin makes it a fashionable urban ride. So every time you ride, you ride in fashion.

Yamaha Alpha - Calligraphic Designs

Convenient hook for shopping

The convenient hook is perfect for carrying shopping bags with ease. The bags can easily be attached to the hook so that the rider can ride without any hassle.

Yamaha Alpha - hook
Yamaha Alpha - Chrome Finish

Chrome Finish

Ride a refreshing mix of classic and modern automobile designing and show off your Cygnus Alpha's chrome finish with pride.

Extra Long & Comfortable Seat

The flat & long seat keeps the rider & pillion comfortable. A distance of 800 mm from the foremost point to the grab-bar helps provide added hip area to the tandem rider. The easy-to-grip grab bar ensures greater tandem passenger comfort and safety. The grab bar features aluminum with paint finish.

Yamaha Alpha - Seat

Large Under Seat Storage Space

The 21 liters waterproof storage area under the seat can hold most full-face helmets. The tail area of the under-seat space is designed to hold on-board tools and small items such as a dusting cloth.

Yamaha Alpha - Storage Space

Edgy Digital meter console

The design of the digital meter console ensures all the information is easy to read under all light conditions.

Yamaha Alpha - Digital Meter

Large Footboard

The 250 mm wide & flat footboard in the foot placement area is free of obstruction and ensures spacious & comfortable leg space.

Yamaha Alpha - Larger Footboard

Maintenance Free(MF) Battery

No Service required, so no need to keep checking water levels and helps in charging faster.


Easy Leg Reach

The new seat with its unique shape is at a height of 775 mm. This not only ensures comfortable seating but also enables easy leg reach to the ground.

Yamaha Alpha - Easy Leg Reach

USB Charger (Optional)

Families are all about staying connected. Then why not your family's favourite scooter? Yes, if you are bringing the Alpha home, you can choose to go for an under-seat USB charging port. So, next time you are out, your phone will never run out of charge.

Price INR : 795/-

Available at nearest authorized Yamaha dealer.


Telescopic Suspension for Comfort

Designed for a smooth ride even over rough roads, the telescopic suspension of the Cygnus Alpha keeps the rider and passenger stable & comfortable.

Yamaha Alpha - Telescopic Suspension

In-built Side Stand

Alpha comes with In-built side stand for ease of access. This is provided in addition to the upright main stand.


Alpha Color & Price


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Yamaha Alpha Disk Blue

Alpha 360° View From Different Angle

Yamaha Alpha Scooter 360 View
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