R3 service campaign

Dear Customer,

At the outset we congratulate you for being a proud owner of the legendary YZF-R3 and welcome you to the ever growing Yamaha family. We at Yamaha are committed to provide all necessary support to ensure that your YZF-R3 always gives you its optimum performance.

This information is in accordance with the requirements of our parent company Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., Japan, who have determined that a defect, which relates to Radiator hose & Spring Torsion may exist in few YZF-R3 motorcycles within certain production numbers range.

Although no such problem has been reported from anywhere in India .However as a responsible manufacturer , Yamaha has initiated a factory modification campaign, where the affected motorcycles must get these parts replaced with modified ones.

Please note that the replacement of these parts shall be free of cost.

Service department.

Affected Chasis nos. From To
Radiator Hose 3 ME1RH1017F0001001 ME1RH1025J0001275
Spring Torsion ME1RH1017F0001001 ME1RH1012H0002539

Please refer your owner manual to find your chassis no.

You may contact us at 18004201600 during work timing 8:00AM to 4:30PM from Monday to Friday
or write to us at yes@yamaha-motor-india.com