Dear Valued Yamaha Customer,

We congratulate you for being a proud owner of the legendary FZ FI/ FZ-S FI and we believe you are enjoying riding of Yamaha FZ FI/ FZ-S FI. At Yamaha, we are committed to provide highest quality products which always serve you with optimum performance.

This information is in accordance with the requirements of our product quality standards, we have determined that non fitment of reflector exist in FZ FI/ FZ-S FI motorcycles within certain production numbers range. Hence this reflector fitment will be done at the earliest in these motorcycles.

For your convenience, Yamaha is initiating a factory modification campaign for preventive measure, where the affected motorcycles must be fitted with Rear reflector as per specified product quality standards.

Please note that the replacement of these parts shall be free of cost.

Wish you happy and safe riding!
Service department.

Affected Model From No.(From) Frame No. (To)
FZ FI ME1RG44DAK0022481 ME1RG44DAK0023520
FZ-S FI ME1RG44FAK0061781 ME1RG44FBK0069897

You may contact us at 18004201600 during work timing 8:00AM to 4:30PM from Monday to Friday.