Yamalube shampoo is specially formulated to provide enhanced shining effect. It also acts as a protective layer against the damaging Ultra-Violet Sun rays.


  • Yamalube Polish is a fortified Paint sealant with extra strength to give vehicle :
    • Premium durable shine
    • High glossy look.
    • It forms a protective layer on the vehicle.
  • Protects the vehicle body from :
    • Sun Rays, Salt Grease, Tar, Acid Rain , Industrial Fall Out.
    • Superior durable finish with minimum usage i.e. large no. of vehicles can be polished.


7-10gm per Vehicle.


Do not apply in direct sunlight.


  • Surface should be Clean, Dry & Cool.
  • Apply a small amount of Polish directly on the painted surface.
  • While the product is wet, within a minute start buffing the area with a sponge.
  • Remove residues and buff with a clean microfiber.
Pack Size

1 KG

Models Used

All Models