Yamalube Coolant is a specially formulated mixture to provide superior performance to your Yamaha Motorcycle.


  • It is manufactured with Glycol base which adds to the performance and demineralised water, there by it is a ready to use mixture.
  • It has excellent heat transfer properties, thereby resulting in superior Engine cooling.
  • It also provides protection against freezing, does not freeze at low temperatures.
  • Protects the metal parts from corrosion and oxidation, due to special corrosion & oxidation inhibitor used in the formulation.
  • Recommended for Yamaha motorcycles for better performance.



Quantity as per user manual (Bottle comes in 1 Ltr pack size).

How To Use

Product is ready to use.


Do not add Water.

Pack Size

1 Litre

Models Used

R15 & R3

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