Amongst the leading two wheeler MNC

With world class products and services, we have established ourselves as a well known global brand for high quality products and services.

Lean & Intelligent Human Capital

We believe Human Capital is the most important asset and strive to enhance the capabilities of people that would create quality workforce.

Career Development

We train our employees to achieve international level of professionalism with progressive career development and immense growth opportunities within the company. Clarity in the grading system provides a well mapped career path for each level.

Training Opportunities

The Training Policy is derived from the philosophy of vision of Human Resource Development of the Company i.e. employee s learn, contribute to the company and when an organization grows; it in turn contributes to the society . The objective is to enhance capabilities to handle higher responsibilities, keep abreast with industry trends and create a culture of continuous learning.

Performance Driven Organization

Performance is the factor for growth of people & that catapult's the organization into growth trajectory.

Involve, Synerginze & Motivate

We believe in involvement of people in the decision making processes that give ownership, synergy , motivate and catapult people into high engagement & output.

Open Communication Channel

We believe in an open communication channel where any employee can approach anyone at any level.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We provide equal opportunity to all to promote diversity at workplace.

Fair and Transparent Organization

With clear performance goal setting, objective performance evaluation system, feedback mechanism, open communication and access to HRIS, we promote a fair & transparent work culture.

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