As the manufacturer of legendary "Yamaha" we are committed to highest level of quality. We ensure that these quality standards don't get diluted during after sales service and for this Technical Training is essential. Technical Training is essential to acquire knowledge and enhancement of skills at all levels, like Yamaha service team and dealer service staff for delivering highest quality of service.

To ensure that only the highest level of professional technicians work on Yamaha vehicles, India Yamaha Motor has introduced Yamaha Technical Academy in India in the year 2002. YTA is Yamaha Motor Corporation, Japan's education system which is in force in all countries where Yamaha is present. YTA is the cornerstone of Yamaha's Technical Training program. Our courses combine comprehensive technical information from the Yamaha factory with "real world" diagnostic and troubleshooting skills developed over many years of actual field experience.

Through YTA, we are able to develop a highly skilled technical workforce, with greater career prospects. YTA trained technicians are highly skilled, and are trained for the repair and diagnostics of the latest models of Yamaha motorcycles. By imparting focused training, YTA creates "Professional technicians". These trained technicians consistently provide "Best of Service" to valued "Yamaha customers".

The YTA curriculum which is a global standard was modified to Indian requirements in 2008. In view of increase in models, technological advancement and growing customer expectations we have modified our training modules and introduced new programs. As on date the YTA is imparting the following courses. We have a continuous training program for the mechanics starting from Beginner then climbing through Bronze, Silver Engine, Silver Body and Silver Electrical. Certificates (as shown below) are issued to all successful candidates after training and same are displayed in the customer lounge of the Yamaha workshops. From these certificates you can understand each service person's YTA qualification.

This contest seeks to raise the service technician's consciousness of their importance in Yamaha business, simulate their desire for improvement to become Doctors of motorcycles who can delight the customers and thereby strengthen Yamaha service.

YTA Training

Technical Training
Silver Engine
Silver Body
Silver Electrical
CBU Level I
CBU Level II
FI Expert
New Modal Training
Non-Technical Training
Dealer Operation level I
Dealer Operation level II
Dealer Operation level III
MI and Warranty Level I
MI and Warranty Level II

Training is continuous and need based. YTA was first set up in Surajpur plant as its headquarters. This was quickly followed by the addition of three other YTAs located in Kolkota, Pune and Bangalore.

YTA Locations

Retention of the trained manpower at the dealerships is as important as training. To support this, our dealers are doing many activities at their level. We at "Yamaha" conduct the National Technician Grand Prix (NTGP) for boosting the morale of the mechanic community because through this activity we crown the "NO 1 mechanic of India" for the year. Same way Yamaha Motor Corporation, Japan conducts World Tech Grand Prix (WTGP) once in two years to proclaim the "No1 mechanic in the world".