Every Day, thousands of families all across India buy their own two wheeler - a motorcycle or scooter. But riding in India can be a lot more enjoyable, if everybody learnt the correct rules of the road, and then actually practiced them in the right way.

My mission is to help families get the most fun and joy out of their vehicle, in safe way. To do this, I will bring you exciting new ways to learn about road safety. I hope to reach as many people as possible and tell them about the rules of the road. After all, the road is built for everybody's use.

Therefore, it is important for riders, drivers, pedestrian and those who use public transport to know the right way to use the road. Once we all follow traffic rules correctly, then the roads become safer and more fun for everyone who uses them! This way, we not only avoid collision and accidents, we also experience the real pleasure of motoring, Remember, and the roads will be safer when all of us decide to follow its rules. Together, we can more fun and stay safe!

Come, join me!