Yamaha Saluto RX Bike

Yamaha Saluto RX

The confident Riding

The new Saluto RX with Unified Braking System (UBS) mounts a newly developed air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 110cc, 2-valve single-cylinder engine based on the Blue Core Engine Development concept and lightest weight in its class at 99 kg.

Superb handling with utmost control

The Sensational Saluto

110cc Blue Core Engine

Saluto RX features an all-new Blue Core engine with optimum fuel efficiency, air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 110cc, 2-valve single-cylinder. Its bore x stroke of 50.0x 56.2 mm and 9.9:1 compression ratio help the engine put out a maximum power of 5.5 kw (7.48 PS) at 7,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.5 N.m (0.87 kgf.m) at 4,500 rpm.

Yamaha Saluto RX Blue Core Engine

Unified Braking System

UBS has been developed for better stopping power of your 2 wheelers. UBS links both front & rear brakes with the rear brake pedal. When the rider applies the rear brake, the rear brake and a portion of the front brake are applied. For full braking performance, apply both the brake lever and the brake pedal simultaneously. UBS results in:

  1. 1. Reduced braking distance
  2. 2. Better handling during braking
  3. 3. Smoother chassis behavior during braking

Front and Rear Suspension for Comfort

The front and rear suspensions have model-specific settings for good comfort and prevents bottoming out when riding two-up on rough roads. The amount of wheel travel is 120 mm for the front and 100 mm for the rear. The rear suspension is pre-load adjustable to allow for greater usability for carrying loads.

Yamaha Saluto RX Front Rear Suspension

Alloy Wheels

The Saluto RX comes with newly designed lightweight 10-spoke cast aluminium wheels. The reduction of unsprung weight reduces the inertial movement of the steering assembly and thus contributes to light & agile handling characteristics.

Yamaha Saluto RX Tyres

Light Weight

The engine, frame and wheels with comprehensive weight-reducing designs contribute to the model's overall fuel efficiency. The Saluto RX's curb weight of 99 kg makes it much easier to park the bike, push-walk it, maneuver it on sloped roads, put it in storage, etc. The optimized positioning of the center of gravity contributes to making this bike feel lighter.

Yamaha Saluto RX Weight

Extra Long Seat

The riding position is designed to provide a good fit even for people with larger physique. Also, the smooth shape formed from the fuel tank to the back of the seat creates excellent riding comfort for both the rider and the pillion. The long seat has plenty of cushioning for better comfort when riding two-up, and the grab-bar has been designed to allow for good grip regardless of hand placement.

Yamaha Saluto RX Long Seat

Meter Console

The instrument cluster adopts a simple, easy-to-read analog speedometer.The dial type speedometer adds sportiness to the instrument cluster. The bright indicators are always able to draw rider's attention to the instrument cluster.

Yamaha Saluto RX Meter Console

Stylish Fuel Tank Design

The fuel tank is enclosed by plastic resin covers on the left and right, and the section in front of the fuel tank filler cap. These covers made it possible to create a modern shape that would not have been feasible with parts formed from steel. The "cutting line" that runs through the center of the left and right covers is made independent from the shape of the side covers, accentuating the presence of the engine and the 7.2-liter fuel tank.

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