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National Technician Grand Prix (NTGP) & National Parts Manager Grand Prix (NPGP) 2019:

10th edition of National Technician Grand Prix (NTGP) 2019 and 3rd edition of National Parts Manager Grand Prix (NPGP) 2019 was organized by Yamaha Motor India Sales (P) Ltd, concluded with announcement of winners at Surajpur, in Greater Noida on 04th Dec 2019.

In this 2 days contest (03rd Dec 2019 - 04th Dec 2019), 42 finalists across India competed for the coveted title of No.1 "Yamaha Technician", "Yamaha Service Advisor", "Yamaha Parts Manager" in India for the year 2019.

In this unique nationwide contest which aims at strengthening the role of Customer Service Engagement, 4310 contestants (2522 Technician, 1289 Service Advisor, and 499 Parts Manager) from all over India competed for the prestigious title in their respective category. The finalists from technician category are eligible to represent India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. (IYM) in the World Technician Grand Prix (WTGP) 2020 in Japan.

From the Regional round, 105 winners were selected from 4 Zones for Zonal Round. From the Zonal Round, 42 winners (14 from each category) were selected to compete in the final round here at Greater Noida.


Winners of Technicians contest are :-

1st Position
Mr. Chennam Setty Venkatesh
Pearl Yamaha
2nd Position
Amol Jadhav
Sapale Auto Service
3rd Position
Mr. Karuppana Murugan
Alagendran Autos

Winners of Service Advisor contest are:-

1st Position
Mr. Kapil Kumar Sharma R
Whitefield Yamaha Motors , Banglore
2nd Position
Mr. Surendra Babu V
Moto World Banglore
3rd Position
Mr. Avijit Saha
ATC Electronica Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata

Winners of Parts Manager contest are:-

1st Position
Mr. Vinay Kumar Reddy
Ashoka Motor, Hyderabad
Andhra Pradesh
2nd Position
Mr. Neeraj Pandey
Natraj Agencies, Kanpur
Uttar Pradesh
3rd Position
Mr. Kiran C
Eye Automobile, Bangalore

The NTGP contest is designed to judge the contestants skill sets in the areas of "Quality repair", "Quick Repair" and "Economical Repair" , thus intensifying the commitment of Yamaha to provide amiable customer service. To judge the level of these skills, the contestants are tested in Theory, Troubleshooting, Repair, Final Inspection, Engine Noise, Vehicle Receiving and Delivery on actual two-wheelers with speed, accuracy and skill of dealing customers with CS mind. The winners are decided on the basis of cumulative score earned in all of these test areas.

Historical success in WTGP 2016, and securing best CS award in 2018 inspires Indian technicians vastly, and it made the 10th NTGP more significant, since each participant tried to win this national contest while keeping an eye on WTGP 2020. All the participants put their best foot forward with one single goal to become no.1 Indian technician and then definitely the world's best technician.

In 2018 WTGP, S K Tazim from SNC Yamaha (Howrah) shown world class performance and received CS Number 1 award.