FROM-16th MAY - 15th JUNE 2017


Driving in rains demands good judgement skills and practicing caution before hitting the road during thundershowers. One should stay updated with weather reports and avoid venturing out during heavy rains. Always keep safe distance from the vehicle in front and maintain safe speed limit. You should also ensure that your vehicle is properly serviced, a pre monsoon check-up of your vehicle is mandatory which would take care of all pending problems and also replace defective components.

Safety Gear

Always wear genuine YAMAHA helmet (available at authorized service stations) while riding the vehicle (Pillion rider should also wear the helmet)

Rain Coat

Always keep a raincoat along with you and wear it to prevent yourself from getting wet

Avoid riding

In waterlogged roads

Be Attentive

Stay alert for reckless drivers, loose gravel, potholes, incomplete roadworks etc


Wear bright clothing and use reflector jacket at night. Keep headlights on while riding

Maintain safe distance

Always maintain a safe distance from other vehicles while riding

Avoid zigzag driving

Don't ride in zigzag fashion

No over speeding

Ride at nominal speed


Avoid applying hard brakes, brake gently

Use genuine YAMAHA protection cover to protect your vehicle

Check tyres for inflation, wear & tear, replace if required

Clean up and lubricate bike chain frequently

Always park under a roof (if possible), avoid parking under a tree

Keep your vehicle well-polished to protect the painted surface

Get your vehicle serviced at YAMAHA authorized workshop only

Check brake functioning on regular basis

Check and top up engine oil/gear oil level (replace if required)

Check and adjust engine idle RPM

Clean and adjust spark plug electrode gap (replace if required)

Clean/Replace air filter

Check fuel lines, FI (fuel injection) system & carburator (Saluto RX)

Check clutch functioning & adjust lever free play (Saluto RX/Saluto 125/FZ25)

Check battery voltage & lubricate terminals

Check all lights (headlight, passing, brake light & parking light)

Check and focus headlight beam (FZ25)

Clean and lubricate drive chain, adjust slackness (check drive belt for scooter)

Front brake - replace brake shoes/brake pads if worn out

Rear brake - replace brake shoes if worn out

Check tyre wear and replace (if required)

Lubricate pivots - clutch lever, brake lever, side stand, main stand, brake pedal