We thank to all our customers for choosing Yamaha and our services. Yamaha Service Camps (YSC) are being organized in the presence of company service engineers to interact with customers seeking their valuable feedbacks. This is also a platform to provide advice to customers from experts for best maintenance of their bike to enjoy a trouble free ride. This is a planned activity with special invitation to customers providing a festival atmosphere at a shop with some exciting bike repair offers and reward for best maintained bike etc. Kindly refer below table to know the YSC schedule nearby you.

Upcoming Events for March 2017
SNo. Event Dates Dealers Location Map
1 06-Mar-2017 - 08-Mar-2017 Dolphin Bikes Pvt Ltd Mumbai
2 09-Mar-2017 - 11-Mar-2017 Srijaya Motors Bangalore
3 09-Mar-2017 - 11-Mar-2017 Cheerans Auto Agencies Trichur
4 09-Mar-2017 - 11-Mar-2017 Bonny Auto World Morbi
5 13-Mar-2017 - 15-Mar-2017 Vrb Automobiles Mumbai
6 14-Mar-2017 - 16-Mar-2017 Supreme Motors Vadakara
7 16-Mar-2017 - 18-Mar-2017 Khemka Enterprises Dhanbad
8 16-Mar-2017 - 18-Mar-2017 Mana Automobiles Anantapur
9 16-Mar-2017 - 18-Mar-2017 The Coimbatore Motors Coimbatore
10 16-Mar-2017 - 18-Mar-2017 Kavi Motors Trichy
11 16-Mar-2017 - 18-Mar-2017 Vasudha Automobiles Secunderabad
12 16-Mar-2017 - 18-Mar-2017 Dharani Motors Chitradurga
13 16-Mar-2017 - 18-Mar-2017 Somnath Automotive Veraval
14 17-Mar-2017 - 19-Mar-2017 R K Automobiles Solan
15 17-Mar-2017 - 19-Mar-2017 Samarjeet Auto Pune
16 20-Mar-2017 - 22-Mar-2017 Yati Automobiles Patna
17 20-Mar-2017 - 22-Mar-2017 Saryash Auto Pvt. Ltd. Solapur
18 20-Mar-2017 - 22-Mar-2017 Shri Ganesham Auto Motors Pvt Ltd Bharatpur
19 21-Mar-2017 - 23-Mar-2017 Axis Motors Tinsukia
20 21-Mar-2017 - 23-Mar-2017 Murraya E- Auto Engineering Works (opc) Pvt Ltd Muzaffarpur
21 21-Mar-2017 - 23-Mar-2017 Ravi Yamaha Kanpur
22 21-Mar-2017 - 23-Mar-2017 Sun Motors Chennai
23 21-Mar-2017 - 23-Mar-2017 S.r. Motowheels Gondia
24 22-Mar-2017 - 24-Mar-2017 Atul Motors Roorkee
25 22-Mar-2017 - 24-Mar-2017 Srees Auto Guntur
26 22-Mar-2017 - 24-Mar-2017 Ranjeet Motors Bhuldhana
27 23-Mar-2017 - 25-Mar-2017 Rmj Motor Bike Indore
28 23-Mar-2017 - 25-Mar-2017 Lns Automobiles Ajmer
29 24-Mar-2017 - 26-Mar-2017 Sri Nivas Motors Ranchi
30 24-Mar-2017 - 26-Mar-2017 Crystal Auto Bangalore
31 24-Mar-2017 - 26-Mar-2017 Shahu Motors Pune
32 26-Mar-2017 - 28-Mar-2017 Natraj Agencis Kanpur
33 27-Mar-2017 - 29-Mar-2017 Goverdhan Automobiles Sangrur
34 28-Mar-2017 - 30-Mar-2017 Commercial Automotives Pvt. Ltd Bareilly
35 29-Mar-2017 - 31-Mar-2017 Ambuj Automobile Delhi
36 29-Mar-2017 - 31-Mar-2017 Shiv Shanker Automobiles Sonipat
37 29-Mar-2017 - 31-Mar-2017 City Automobiles Delhi